The Right Time to Visit Zadar

The Right Time to Visit Zadar

In spring, summer, autumn and winter. Zadar is absolutely lovely all year round and every season has its particular charm. Whether you’re coming on business or for pleasure, to be active or mostly to relax, to see the sights and explore nature in the region, check out what you can expect in a certain time of year and how to make the most of your stay:

Expect … pleasant weather conditions

Always better than on the continent! The cold in Zadar is never as freezing as inland and scorching heat is much more bearable when you can refresh yourself in the sea. Mediterranean climate promises warm weather most of the year with 2616 annual sunshine hours and mild winters with the coldest temperatures just under 10 degrees mostly in January and February, but rarely much cooler than that.

Allure of each season

Be among the first ones to catch the early sun rays in spring! Can you think of a better way to welcome the awakening of nature than to spend an afternoon enjoying a cup of coffee on a terrace by the sea, lounging by the pool or taking a stroll along the shore? It’s the perfect time to actively explore the region, to ride a bike or hike along numerous trails in the region, to go rafting down the Zrmanja river and admire the beauty of national parks such as Krka and Paklenica. 

Go rafting down the Zrmanja river

The livin’ truly is easy in the summertime in Zadar!The days are long and seem to last forever with the excitement and positivity felt at every turn in the city. With a busy events calendar, Zadar in the summer is always one fun place to be. It’s also the right moment to take up water sports, explore the coast in a kayak, canoe or SUP, sail around the islands then dive and snorkel in a secluded cove.

Discover the fruits of nature in colourful autumn! With plenty of sunshine still and less visitors, Zadar in autumn feels calmer and represents the perfect place to recharge just before the winter cold sets in. The timing is simply excellent to be active in nature, to visit the vineyards and olive groves bearing fruit in the hinterland, to experience Zadar with perfect peace and calm.

Olive groves

Enjoy the winter wonderland in Zadar! Celebrate the feast of the patron saint St Chrysogonus end of November, see the city lit by Christmas lights and welcome the New Year by the sea, visit the diverse museums especially if you happen to be in the city at the Night of the Museums at the end of January. 

The busiest times of year

As a typical coastal city, Zadar has an irresistible summer vibe and it’s precisely from June to September when the city is buzzing with visitors. Still, there are also various events such as Wings for Life race in May that attract a great number of people. If you are interested in enjoying the city with more tranquility and less visitors around, then consider coming in autumn and winter.

And the answer is…

Always. This is precisely the right answer to the question when it would be great to visit Zadar. The city is welcoming all year round for a holiday, so it’s entirely up to you to find the perfect timing that matches your needs and preferences.