Where to Eat in Zadar – Food for All Tastes

Where to Eat in Zadar - Food for All Tastes

Spice up your stay in Zadar with a great meal! From fine dining to street food, Zadar’s restaurants cater to everyone’s preferences so here is just a taste of what you can enjoy while on holiday:

Michelin approved restaurants

In search for exquisite dining? Zadar boasts two restaurants recommended by the Michelin guide for their amazing food. Foša restaurant, situated in the historical port of the same name (street: Dmitra Zvonimira 2), invites you to try modern interpretations of traditional Dalmatian cuisine, particularly fish dishes. On the other side of the peninsula, Kaštel restaurant (street: Bedemi zadarskih pobuna 13) is one of the shiniest representatives of fusion cuisine in Zadar by combining excellent Adriatic fish with Peruvian, French and Italian touch. 

Local cuisine

Want to treat your taste buds to authentic Mediterranean flavours? Known as one of the healthiest in the world, Dalmatian cuisine based on excellent fish, olive oil and seasonal vegetables does not disappoint in Zadar. Whether you choose to try a nice fish or seafood or feel like having a traditional Dalmatian meat dish, you cannot go wrong with the following picks: Zadar Jadera (street: Brne Karnarutića 4), Pet bunara (next to Five Wells Square), Proto Food & More (street: Obitelji Stratico 1), Bruschetta (street: Mihovila Pavlinovića 12), 2 ribara (street: Blaža Jurjeva 1a), Malo Misto (street: Jurja Matejeva Dalmatinca 3).

Mediterranean food

Great places to eat pizza and Italian food

Care for a pizza? Just say ‘Mamma Mia’ (street: Put Dikla 54, Borik) and you know you’re having an amazing pizza or homemade pasta. Not far from it, Pizzeria Šime (Street: Matije Gupca 15, Borik) offers you a wide variety of pizzas in addition to pasta and traditional Dalmatian cuisine. If you feel like having pizza, risotto or mussels while seeing the sights on the peninsula, 4 kantuna (street: Varoška 1) is the place to go. 

Quick bites and burgers

Grab a bite ‘n’ go! Craving a delicious steak, head to OX- Meet and Eat (street: Stomorica 5), which also happens to offer great burgers. If you’re a real fan of burgers, you might also want to consider La Famiglia (street: Knezova Šubića Bribirskih 9) or Papica (street: Stomorica 4). 

Vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants 

Prefer food free of most or all animal products? While none of them is exclusively vegetarian or vegan, many of the above mentioned restaurants offering local cuisine also include no-meat dishes on their menus. Vegans might also be interested to try raw and vegan dishes served on top of the city walls overlooking the harbour at the Garden Lounge (street: Bedemi zadarskih pobuna bb).

Vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants

Places to stop for a dessert

In Zadar you can have your cake and eat it too! Having taken a stroll along the historical streets and across the squares, you might want to grab something sweet to eat. Stop for a cake at the Art Kavana (street: Bartola Kašića 1) or have it with your favorite hot beverage at the Coffee & Cake (street: Braće Vranjana 12) also serving vegan options. Cool yourself off with some ice-cream at the Bob Rock’s Ice Cream Shop (street: Varoška 6) or at the Eva II Gelatina Originale (street: Mihovila Pavlinovića 8) also offering vegan options.

Try it all in Zadar 

Feel the flavours of the Adriatic Sea or grab a bite of juicy fast food. Have a delicious lunch or romantic dinner enjoying a view of the sea or historical buildings around you. Simply round off your stay in Zadar with an amazing gastronomic experience.