Zadar – Top Destination for a (Romantic) Getaway

Zadar - Top Destination for a (Romantic) Getaway

Feel overwhelmed and stressed out with your daily routine? Wish to dedicate some quality time to your wellbeing and share lovely moments with your darling? Then put your tasks and habits on hold for a few days and take a trip to Zadar. Here are a few reasons why it’s an excellent choice: 

In Zadar in no time

Get to Zadar fast and simple! Zadar airport, with flights from all over Europe, and proximity to the A1 motorway make it easy to arrive to the city. In other words, you can reach Zadar in just a few hours depending on your location.

Zadar for all

Want to have an adventure and be active? Or do you prefer to take it easy and just relax? Zadar has all it takes. Apart from numerous fascinating attractions in the city itself, it is also an excellent starting point for exploring amazing places of interest ranging from the islands (the green Ugljan just opposite Zadar, Kornati Islands National Park and Telašćica Nature Park on Dugi Otok), mountains (Paklenica National Park), rivers and lakes (Zrmanja river, Krka National Park, Vrana Lake Nature Park) to charming towns and villages nearby on the coast and inland. These are all also excellent spots to be active, ride a bike, hike, go canoeing together and simply share memorable moments.

Zadar for all - Zrmanja river

You might also just want to slow down, unplug and do as you feel in a given moment. So, relax on a beach revelling in the sight of the endless sea before you, lounge by the pool engaging in simple small-talk, or take a walk along the promenade hand in hand admiring the one-of-a-kind sunset.

Deepen your relationship bond

Do it for you, do it for love! Whether you are an incurable romantic or don’t really wear your heart on your sleeve, sharing exciting, relaxing, adventurous moments with your partner without distractions is always good for your relationship. So, go to Zadar to rekindle the spark and enjoy quality time by the sea.

Magnificent sunset

Show your affection at the magnificent sunset and in other ways – by taking a barkajoli ride from the historical peninsula onto the mainland, by looking for the sphinx of Zadar near Borik which is said to grant love wishes, by sharing a lovely dinner in a restaurant like Kornat by the sea or Pet Bunara near Queen Jelena Madije Park. Why not also explore the romantic nearby town of Nin or take a panoramic flight to enjoy the sight of the islands, the heart-shaped Galešnjak included. 

Take a break in Zadar

Whisk away your darling for a few days or just take some time off to recharge! There are no excuses, since getaways can be quite affordable and yet extremely rewarding, especially when staying in Zadar! There’s no better place to spend amazing moments, feel inspired and boost your creativity, while getting the well-deserved time out at the same time. So, plan your city escape to the last detail, especially if you want to surprise your darling with a few romantic gestures, or simply improvise along the way … and let Zadar work its magic!