Perfect Holiday in Zadar in 2020

Perfect Holiday in Zadar in 2020

It’s a vibrant modern city with millennia-old story to tell. It’s the city with the most beautiful sunset. It’s Zadar – the city where exciting and relaxing holiday moments await you in 2020. Here are a few tips about how to make your stay one to remember: 

Beautiful destination to explore

What’s Zadar’s story? Take that walk in the city, take in its history and culture, discover how its most famous landmarks came into existence. Learn about Kalelarga (Široka ulica) and its significance in urban planning by the ancient Romans. Climb the Belltower of St Anastasia’s Cathedral and appreciate the view of the unique Church of St Donatus’ from above. Discover the remains of the Roman Forum, which used to be the centre of public life until Narodni trg (Cro. ‘People’s Square’) took over that role in the Middle Ages. Study the history of attempted conquests and defenses as evidenced by the defensive walls and gates in the city (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and squares such as Five Wells Square.

Zadar - Beautiful destination to explore

Take a break from sightseeing at the first public park in Croatia, Queen Jelena Madije Park, or sit down on the promenade steps on the opposite side of the peninsula to listen to the sound of the Sea Organ and watch Zadar  send its Greeting to the Sun. The city has a number of fascinating stories to tell in addition to amazing photo opportunities. 

Exciting events calendar

Busy as ever in 2020! From sports events to concerts, shows and performances, from traditional feasts to street festivals, Zadar is one exciting place to be all year round and especially during the summer months, when practically not a day goes by without an event. So, take a look at the calendar and pick your fun for extra special touch to your holiday in 2020.

Delicious delicacies of Dalmatia

Taste the irresistible flavours of the Adriatic Sea and Zadar hinterland! Enrich your holiday experience with typical Dalmatian dishes which cater to all tastes. The city offers you a wide selection of excellent restaurants which offer your taste buds a great insight into Dalmatian cuisine and many of them add a special touch to your meal such as the view of the sea or a historical landmark, buzz of the historical neighbourhood etc. 

Delicious delicacies of Dalmatia

Actively getting around the city 

Walk & cycle your way round Zadar and wider! Just park your car upon arrival and get to know the city on foot or by bike – it’s the best way to explore and see as much as possible in a given time. A bike is also a great means of discovering the region, from nearby villages and towns like Nin to islands like Ugljan. Another option to be active and get a somewhat different perspective of the city at the same time is to rent a SUP board or a kayak and paddle along the shore. 

The right place to stay

Rest and recharge in a hotel that ticks all your boxes! Accommodation providers such as the Mediteran Hotel allow you to relax in privacy away from the busy streets of the centre, yet close enough for you to reach and see the sights easily. In addition, one of the best beaches in Zadar, Borik, is just a 10-minute walk away. 

Have your perfect holiday in Zadar in 2020

Coming on business, to rekindle the spark in your relationship, to be active or simply to enjoy the urban buzz along with the seaside, Zadar is your place to be in 2020!