Plan a Spring Getaway in Zadar in 2020

Plan a Spring Getaway in Zadar in 2020

No more grey, short days, it’s time to shine! What better way to do so than to press pause, get a few days off and welcome spring in the best possible way – at the seaside in Zadar! Here are a few things to consider for a great getaway:

Perfect timing for a break

Take off the thick jacket and let the first rays of sunshine caress your skin! Having shown the door to winter, spring takes over very quickly with increasingly warmer weather, more sunshine and longer days. The time is just right for walks along the promenade, sipping refreshments on a historical square while soaking in the sun, simply witnessing the bustling city and blooming nature in spring.

Choose the right dates… for you

Take a look at your business diary, the weather forecast and the events calendar in Zadar and vicinity and just pick a date! Maybe you just need a change of scenery, maybe you’d like to be active outdoors and take part in exciting events, from gastronomical events, performances to sports. Mark the dates that perfectly match your preferences and make it happen in early, mid or late spring.

Great time to see the sights and be active

Great time to see the sights and be active

Spring means pleasant weather and less visitors – just perfect for sightseeing and being active! Scorching heat is not an issue this time of year, quite the contrary. The weather is just right for a number of outdoor activities, so why wouldn’t you hike or cycle along numerous trails available in Zadar region, even plan a whole day active excursion, be it in the urban area of Zadar, in the countryside or the island of Ugljan? Even if your chosen (cycling) trail leads along the road, you can expect far less traffic than during high season. 

Apart from nature, this time of year is excellent for all fans of exploring rich cultural-historical heritage of Zadar and vicinity as well, without any rush or typical summer crowds. So, discover the story behind fascinating sights in Zadar, both historical and modern, and visit the charming coastal town of Nin for a lesson in Roman and Croatian history.

Fast(er) arrival

Reach your chosen destination fast and easy! Travelling by car towards Zadar, get ready for less busy border crossings and roads in general, for a rather smooth ride and arrival. Similarly, flying to Zadar airport enables you to get in and out of the city from all over Europe within a mere couple of hours. New routes are arranged every year, so simply check the nearest airport and you’re good to go. Indeed, arranging a quick arrival to Zadar for a holiday break has never been simpler!

A hotel at your service

A hotel at your service!

Make sure you have everything within easy reach! To completely relax and yet to be able to easily pursue all your interests, pick a hotel just outside the historical peninsula in Zadar. For example, by staying at the Mediteran Hotel, you have a few lovely beaches nearby and can get to the town centre to do some sightseeing by bike or by taking a lovely walk and a barkajoli ride. You also have a swimming pool and sundeck with loungers at disposal in addition to a parking space or the option to have your transfer arranged to and from the airport. 

Zadar for a great spring break

Take a moment to welcome spring with open arms and re-energize! Plan a getaway to appreciate the beauty of nature, let this year’s first rays of sunshine warm you up and find inspiration in the beautiful city of Zadar and vicinity in spring.