Pick a Favourite Among Top Museums in Zadar

Pick a Favourite Among Top Museums in Zadar

The city of beautiful sunsets, ancient stone-paved streets, charming historical squares and exciting modern attractions – Zadar is all that and more. Its unique flair is also reflected in the great choice of museums, most of which are situated on the historical peninsula and offer you an insight into what the city is all about, be it its rich heritage or pure enjoyment: 

Archaeological Museum

Dig into the history of the city of Zadar! Take a break from wandering the historical streets right next to the Roman Forum and step inside the Archaeological Museum for a comprehensive insight into the history from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages. It is open the entire day and well into the evening from June through September, and from 9 till 14 or 15 during off season. The ticket is €4 for adults.

Museum of Ancient Glass

Fascinating items and the most unique souvenir in the city! As you walk over the pedestrian bridge from the mainland and through the gate to enter the historical core, stop by the Museum of Ancient Glass. Not only do you get to admire the wonderful display of glass items dating back millennia but also see in person a practical demonstration of glass blowing and even purchase original products made in the museum workshop. The ticket is €4 and the opening hours are from 9-16 (November through April) and 9-21 (May through October). 

Museum of Illusions

Play mind games in Zadar! Further down the street from the Museum of Ancient Glass, you can have a quick stop for some fun exploring the world of illusions. The tickets are a bit less than €7 and €10 for kids and adults respectively, while the opening hours vary depending on the season. The museum is open practically the whole day from April through November and from 10 to 16 in the winter months. 

Gold and Silver of Zadar

Zadar heritage in its full splendor! Formed more than half a century ago at the initiative of the famous Croatian author Miroslav Krleža, the permanent exhibition of religious art has become one of the most valuable features of the cultural heritage of the city. The fascinating collection can be seen for less than €3, every day in the morning and afternoon within the complex of St Mary’s Church next to the Archaeological Museum. 

National Museum of Zadar

Get an insight into customs and traditions, artwork and the natural world of the region! Situated right next to the Sea Gate, the museum also has a separated ethnological department on People’s Square (Cro. Narodni trg), natural history department and art gallery near Petar Zoranić Square. So, take a moment off your walking tour and learn about the culture and nature in the city and vicinity. 

Rector’s Palace

Check out the events calendar and exhibitions on display at the Rector’s Palace! The recently renovated palace has become one of the most exciting places for diverse events, workshops and exhibitions, so follow their news and incorporate a visit during your stay in the city.

Another fascinating side of Zadar

Small yet insightful! None of the museums is so large that it would require a few hours to go through it, yet they all can give a special note to how you experience Zadar. So, select and stop by one or several museums in the city and get to know more about its story.